Gan Garoo

The Australian Zoo

Gan Guru - The Australian Zoo

Wander into Australia with the whole family

Twenty five years ago Australian wildlife immigrated to Israel. Gan Guru is an Australian zoo situated within the Valley of Springs at the foot of the Gilboa mountain. At Gan Guru you will meet over twenty free-roaming kangaroos of different kinds that you can pet, feed from the palm of your hand and be photographed with. At the lorikeet aviary you will get to know colorful parrots that will land on your shoulder and you will be able to offer them some fruit. In the aviary you will see unique birds of all sizes.

At the Australian farm you will find dwarf goats that are a normal part of the Australian landscape. At Gan Guru you get to pet and brush these kids ;).
Throughout the park you will find a wide variety of interesting animals – cassowaries, emus, flying foxes, and a number of rare reptiles.

An Experience For Children and Adults Alike!

At Gan Guru you will enjoy close encounters with all kinds of animals. Throughout the zoo visitors are invited to enter into many of the animal habitats, hand-feed the animals and hear fascinating stories about them. This is a unique experience for the whole family.

ליטוף וסירוק עז בגן גורו
Spend a Full Day Outdoors

Combine your visit to the Australian Zoo with a trip in Springs Park nearby. In Springs Park you will enjoy breathtaking views and natural springs. The springs offer crystal clear water that remains at a steady temperature of 25°C. The views from the park change with the seasons – each season and its own beauty.
Entrance into the park is free of charge. We recommend renting a golf car or bicycles. You should know that upon showing a receipt from Gan Guru from that same day you will receive a discount on golf car and bicycle rentals.

עין שוקק
25% Discount
אייקון מתנה
אייקון סימן קריאה
On golf car rentals for Gan Guru visitors
ציפורים עפות

Find answers to all of your questions - hereFind answers to all of your questions - here

What animals will we see at the zoo

At Gan Guru there is a wide variety of Australian animals, such as: a large troop of kangaroos, lorikeet parrots, a cassowary, an emu, peacocks, an Australian farm with dwarf goats, unique marsupials, reptiles and birds.

Do toddlers receive free entrance to the zoo?

Children above the age of two must pay the entrance fee.

Is the zoo wheelchair accessible?

Absolutely! The zoo is wheelchair accessible.

Are pets (like a dog or puppy) allowed entrance into the zoo?

In compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture zoos are forbidden from allowing entrance to any animals that do not live in the zoo permanently. At the entrance to the park you will find a large kennel where your pet can be kept comfortably and safely.

Are there places where we can sit down and rest or have a picnic?

Within the zoo there are a number of areas with picnic tables at which you can stop, rest and eat.

Is there any food available to buy within the zoo?

At the zoo we sell soft drinks, snacks and ice cream as well as fresh pizza and coffee. You are welcome to bring food from home or to follow us on facebook (or our website) to see if the pizza stand will be open.