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Gan Garoo

A touch of Australia

Just a hop, skip and a jump to Australia
with the entire family!

Australia’s wildlife made “ahliya” to Israel just over 20 years ago. Gan Garoo is an Australian zoo located in the Valley of the Springs at the foot of Mount Gilboa. At Gan Garoo you will meet dozens of free roaming kangaroo who love to be scratched, interact and eat from the palm of your hand you can even take pictures with them! At the Lorikeet Aviary you’ll meet dozens of colorful Parrots who will sit on your shoulders to feed on juicy fruit skewers. Upon entering the Australian Aviary you will meet an impressive selection of large and unique Parrots.

At the Australian Farm you will find young Pygmy Goats who loved to be combed and pet by visitors.
Throughout the zoo you will meet a variety of interesting animals – Cassowary, Emu, Flying Foxes and rare species of Reptiles.

An experience for all ages!
Closer then you have ever been.

We believe that in order to connect with nature and animals, and enjoy them, close contact without fences is the best. At Gan Garoo you will enjoy an exciting interactive experience as close as possible to the animals, in most of our complexes you will actually enter the animals’ habitats, feed them from the palm of your hand and hear fascinating stories from our keepers and educational staff. An experience for the whole family!

Children brushing Goats
Want a day full of attractions?

Combine a trip to the nearby Springs Park and enjoy spectacular views.
Endless natural springs with clear water at a constant temperature of 25
degrease celsius, Where the parks landscape changes with the seasons, each season
with its magic.
Entrance to the springs park is free of charge, but we recommend renting an Eco Firendly Electric Golf Cart,
which you can drive along 14 km. of paths overlooking open landscapes.
Bicycle rental is also avaliable to enhance your experience.

Ein Shokek
30% Off
אייקון מתנה
אייקון סימן קריאה
for Electric Cart Rentals
with proof of
same day zoo entrance
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