LAYLA. Glamping Site

Glamping in Dutch Tents in the Valley of Springs

To Just Be. In Nature.

There are moments in life when all the heart’s desire is to connect

To Nature. To the Earth. To the Quiet.

In other words – the heart wants to connect to itself.

Get to know “LAYLA” – Glamping Site in Northern Israel

Your Connection with Nature

In the heart of the Valley of Springs, at the foot of the Gilboa Mountains, and a short walk away from Springs Park and the Sahne, you will find a glamping site with 20 air-conditioned tents for families and couples.


Air-conditioned Tents and More!

In every tent at the “LAYLA” glamping site you will find: air-conditioning, furniture including a queen size bed and three twin beds. (a portable crib can be added)

Every bed comes with soft and clean sheets. In the air-conditioned tent you will also find a dining table for family meals and a sofa on which you can play some wooden games and puzzles.

Each tent is 320 sq. feet and can accommodate up to 5 people. Each tent is equipped with central lighting, electric outlets, wifi, and a personal porch with an outdoor sitting area.

What else does the LAYLA glamping site include?

The LAYLA glamping site can only accommodate up to 20 families. The site includes areas with greenery, a large outdoor communal kitchen with refrigerators, stovetops and counters. The kitchen is surrounded by picnic tables and comfortable outdoor sitting areas.

And also… The “Bustan” – a spacious field full of fruit trees. The “Bustan” is a perfect place in which to take a morning walk or from which to watch the sunset. You can also pick some lemons off on of the trees and make some ice-cold lemonade in the communal kitchen.

What will we eat?

You will have access to a large outdoor kitchen. The kitchen has working stations that include – stovetops, counters, and sinks. All you need to do is prepare your meal. (You must bring cutlery, eating utensils and pots with you.)

Who will most enjoy glamping in air-conditioned tents?

The LAYLA site was built by people who love the outdoors.

Throughout the building process we thought about all of the details that would offer you a perfect outdoors experience. We want you to have an experience that will enable you to breath in nature while not compromising on aesthetics and on comfort.

LAYLA is the perfect place to return to after a day of hiking and it is also the perfect place to wake up in in the morning, quietly and at your own pace.

The site includes 20 Dutch tents. These comfortable tents come equipped with air-conditioning and furniture to accommodate up to 5 people. (A portable crib can be added.)

Everyone is looking for air-conditioned tents in northern Israel or luxurious glamping sites and we packed everything you need into the new LAYLA site in the Valley of Springs.

The site includes a joint wooden hut with bathrooms and showers that is made out of natural materials and provides full privacy.

Glamping Prices

Weekends and Vacations – 1200 NIS per night (up to 5 people).

Holidays and the month of August – 1400 NIS per night (up to 5 people).

Weekdays – 1000 NIS per night (up to 5 people). [minimum order of 5 tents during weekdays]

Each tent is 320 sq. feet and comes with beds (one queen size bed and three twin beds), sheets, a sofa, a dining table, electric outlets, a/c, and open shelves.

The glamping site has an open communal kitchen with private refrigerators for each tent, and a joint hut with bathrooms and showers.

Additional fee for sixth person in tent (sleeping on a mattress) – 150 NIS per night.

A portable crib can be added free of charge.

To make a reservation call – 972-4-6488097

04-6488097 -In Israel

An Inside Look at the Tents

What will you do during the day?

The Valley of Springs is full of tourist sites and attractions for couples and for families. Some of these sites are open 24/7!

Within walking distance (or a two minute drive) you will find - the natural springs of the Sahne, Gan Guru – The Australian Zoo, Springs Park, the hiking trails of the Gilboa Mountain and more…

Guests of LAYLA enjoy substantial discounts on The Australian Zoo, golf car rentals in Springs Park, and on entrance to the Sahne.

Get to know “LAYLA” – A Glamping Site in Northern Israel

What about a place to meet up?

Yes… We thought about everything!

Next to the twenty comfortable tents – we set up a shaded meeting area in which you can leisurely pass the time, hold a private celebration or just hang out.

Around the entire glamping area you can find picnic tables at which you can sit, have breakfast or dinner, or just enjoy reading your book.

To Make a Reservation Call 972-4-6488097 (In Israel – 04-6488097)

Bonfires and Barbecues

We set up a special area for bonfires with picnic tables and an area for sitting around the fire.

We did not forget the kids and we added soccer goals and a rope climbing area.

You must bring an outdoor grill with you.

Where is the LAYLA site located?