Gan Guru at night

Take a guided tour of the zoo and sleep outdoors

Have you ever wondered what Gan Guru looks like at night?

When camping in The Australian Zoo you will wake up to the sounds of nature.

During the summer The Australian Zoo invites you to come and have a night-time experience that is one of a kind. You will sleep in tents, receive a guided tour in the dark and another tour in the morning while the animals wake up.

This unique activity is open for only a few families at a time.


חץ הפעלה/כפתור PLAY גן גורו בלילות

Sleeping in the Zoo

You will arrive at the zoo after 18:00 and set up your tent on the grass next to The Dinosaur Maze (and next to the bathrooms).

After setting up your tent you will be able to walk freely throughout the zoo and wander among all of the animal habitats.

Have you ever wondered what Gan Guru looks like at night?

Upon nightfall, we will begin a fascinating guided tour of the zoo. After leaving the tent camp we will meet all of the animals that sleep during the day and wake up at night. This will enable us to observe their unique nocturnal behavior, get to know their nighttime routines and learn how they cope with the dark. We will also be able to see where they go to sleep.

At the end of our tour, we will say “Goodnight” to all of the animals and you will return to the tent camp and enjoy some free time before going to sleep.

The night tour is about one hour long.

Waking Up in The Australian Zoo

While camping at Gan Guru you will discover the zoo while the sun rises and the animals wake up for a new day.

While hearing animal sounds in the background you will find a breakfast pack outside your tent and then be invited on a “Good Morning Gan Guru” tour. On the tour we will meet some of the animals we did meet at night. We will offer some of the animals their first bite to eat and we will observe their unique morning habits and behaviors.

The morning tour is about 40 minutes long.

The number of spots on this late night and early morning adventure – are limited!

לוגו משקפת

Who will most enjoy this activity?

This is a great activity for families with children and for anyone who enjoys an activity that is both fun and interesting. This activity is also available privately for groups and/or companies.
דרכי תקשורת והתנהגות

What is included?

A light breakfast
2 guided tours
Unlimited access to the zoo the following day
תשמעו קטע...

A unique activity

This unique activity is open to no more than 10 families a night.
אירוח כפרי בניר דוד

Important Information!

You need to pack up your tent before 9:00 the following morning.
After the morning tour you will be able to enjoy unlimited free time in the zoo.

What does the price include?

Entry to Gan Guru

Sleeping outdoors for the entire family (no charge for children below the age of 2)

One night tour throughout the animal habitats including an opportunity to pet free-roaming kangaroos and other nocturnal Australian animals.

Free time in The Dinosaur Maze (The maze has colorful night-lighting)

One “Good Morning Gan Guru” tour including watching the kangaroos eat their breakfast

A breakfast pack for each participant

Access to a coffee/tea station

Unlimited access to Gan Guru after the tents are packed up

30% discount on golf car rentals in Springs Park for those arriving before 9:30

What is not included?





Connecting with Nature – Rules of Conduct in Gan Guru at Night

Lighting a bonfire/barbecue/camp stove – is forbidden

Pets cannot enter the zoo

Smoking is permissible only in designated areas

Wandering around the zoo alone is forbidden after nightfall

Music cannot be played aloud in the tent camp area

Out of respect for the animals, adults and children must be quiet during the guided tours

It Is Important To Know….

Tents must be packed up before 9:00.

You will have unlimited access to Gan Guru after the tents are packed up.

List your date of choice when ordering.

Payment is necessary only for children above the age of 2.

You will be able to find bathrooms and sinks near the tent camp.

Bring with you: a tent, personal items, shoes (not sandals), a flashlight, and mosquito repellant.

Dinner is not provided. Either bring dinner with you or go out to eat at a local restaurant.

This activity is available only if a minimum number of signed-up participants.

If the date you wanted is taken – don’t worry! We will open additional dates based on demand.

Gan Guru will let you know if not enough people have signed up for this activity at least 48 hours in advance. In this case you will receive a full refund.

Cancellations are accepted if they are done at least 48 hours in advance. There is a cancellation fee of 5% of the total comission.

No refund will be given for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance.

Groups and/or families of 35 people (or less) can call 04-6488060 and find a date for a private activity.