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Country Style Accommodations
Nir David

Experiences, all day … and all night

Quality time
in the heart of nature

In Kibbutz Nir David, at the heart of the Springs Valley and the foot of the Gilboa Mountain, lies a green and flourishing getaway- Nir David Country Lodge with 50 beautiful wooden cabins scattered among lawns and trees.

A family vacation with plenty of activities and attractions for children and parents, or a romantic getaway for couples in wooden cabins surrounded by nature.

When you come to vacation with us – you enjoy a variety of experiences that are all right here, or a short drive away, right in the open nature of the Springs Valley.

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On the outskirts of Kibbutz Nir David you will find a wide variety of attractions for families with children and couples who come to seek peace. Even within the kibbutz, there are lovely spots where you can spend your time in peace and true relaxation.

At the Australian Zoo, Gan Garoo, get to know the animals up close. At Springs Park you will enjoy nature in all its glory, just a short walk from the cabins. The park has picnic areas, clear springs, golf cart or bicycle rentals and a club car ecsape challange adventure game.

Special Offers
Spring Valley

Our Country Lodge guests enjoy a variety of benefits and promotions:

30% off Gan Garoo Zoo Entrance
(children under the age of two free)

20% Off all golf cart and bicycle rentals at the Springs Park

Discounts at a selection of restaurants in the area

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Even more discounts
אייקון מתנה
אייקון סימן קריאה
Gan Garoo
and Springs Park