Welcome to Nir David Experience – the 'pearl' at the foot of Mount Gilboa.

Nir David Experience is located in the Valley of Springs,
about an hour and a half car ride from central Israel and half an hour's ride from Lake Kinneret.

Our goal is to grant our visitors – in one superb location – a terrific variety of special experiences:

Nature – a magnificent offering of flowing natural springs and streams, the bloom of Mt. Gilboa,
vegetation and wildlife – in a region that can't be topped in terms of its attractiveness for nature

Pampering getaways – Our family cottages and romantic suites for two beckon you – to enjoy an enchanting and relaxing vacation that includes delicious meals, a variety of treatments for body and
soul, numerous attractions for children, and more.

Attractions – fun days for groups on the banks of the Asi River.

We do it all for you from the heart!
All that's left for you to do is relax and enjoy yourself with all we have to offer:

Nir David Country Lodging – Family cottages and suites for couples, perfect for a magical holiday experience.
Gan-Garoo Australian Park – Australian zoo and a unique family experience – a one-of-a-kind attraction in Israel.
The Park of Springs – A beautiful nature park with an abundance of natural springs. Enjoy nature excursions and if you want, take a refreshing dip in the pleasant waters. Treat your family to a variety of attractions.
Asi River fun days for groups – Bring your group to our special site along the Asi River. Get ready to frolic in an entertaining variety of challenging and fun activities and pleasures.